Alexandria, ON Canada

Bio: I'm a free bird who loves having no boyfriends and remaining single as a flying kite. I luv to write using Sierra on my tablet about all and anything, whatever comes to mind, just take it all with a grain of salt as everybody has their own opinion and as the saying goes “ to each his own."♥ Before I was 39, my life was full of excitement with my son and my own business on computers, research_teaching courses _assisting mentally challenged adults _marketing and more for many kinds of other businesses. Over 8 years ago, I had the most unfortunate freak work accident (of my life) that has left me immobile in my upper extremities and now for the last 4 years because of (a long story but to do with Mds and this work accident) my eyes - photo phobia have created the worst havek in my life. I'm a survivor and have always been committed to My Mottos but obviously since 2006, this is why I wanted lifesway2short.com as my blog.

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